Best Office Ever!

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Best doctor’s office ever! – L.B.

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Feeling Cared For

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I really appreciate that Dr. Rife takes time to explain things and make sure that my questions are answered. And in addition he listens to my problems and concerns and discusses them with me in a thoughtful and concerned manner. Unlike with some traditional providers that I have seen, I leave my appointments feeling supported and cared for. And I would say ditto for Hannah! NL

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Dr. Rife is amazing! He spent over an hour with me. He is genuinely concerned and knowledgeable. He is working with me to heal my chronic skin issues from the inside out. Phil, his assistant, is awesome too! – C.T.

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Friendly and Personable

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Friendly and personable, unlike the usual cold clinical environment. Historic and quaint location with lovely art displays. Real, and sincere. – D.C.

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Thoughtful and Careful

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Dr. Rife was wonderful! We appreciated his deep listening and thoughtful and careful analysis of my spouse’s condition. We left with a better sense of the potential problems and a supplement to help address the pain. All this on a same day referral!! Phil, thanks for working your magic and fitting us into Dr. Rife’s busy schedule! – Y.M. & J.M.

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Always More to Learn

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I always feel like I receive a thorough education from Dr. Rife. Patience, kindness and attention from everyone in the office. Thank you Phil and Dr. Rife. – M.E.

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Primary Source for Alternatives

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Dr. Rife is my primary source for alternatives. I have more confidence in the way he practices medicine than any Medical doctor I have ever met. – Dr. R.C.

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Thanks for Everything!

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You guys are amazing the way you weaned us in gradually. I have not missed any of the foods except maybe tomatoes but my hats off to you all. What a blessing , I have been trying to get motivated to lose some weight. Seemed like I could never get in gear and the more I tried the more I couldn’t stop craving the foods I wanted. It is so nice to have my husband on board also. Thank you so much for your amazing time and effort you have put into this. We are truly grateful. We have both lost 10 lbs without trying too hard. The hard thing is...

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Exciting Journey

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First and foremost I want to thank you for the opportunity to be in the study. I have to say that this is what I have been looking for for YEARS! It was so refreshing to find someone who believes in many of the same things as I do about food. I am excited to continue on this journey for the rest of my life and I know this is the plan for me. Last night was inspiring to hear about G, that it is never to late to turn things around and this program can you get where you need to go! I am excited for the months and years to come to see how my body...

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Thank you!

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HI Dr Rife, I just wanted to thank you again for the Pep Talk earlier this week. I needed it. Good News. As you assured me, I am feeling way better; no more aches and pains. I am also having regular and awesome BM’s 😉 I will keep it up. Thanks again. J.V.

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